securiCAD at International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) Colloquium


securiCAD highlighted as a state-of-art tool for the cyber security evaluation at the Helsinki CIGRE SC D2 Colloquium 2019.

In June 11 - 14, 2019 the Finnish National Committee of CIGRE (FiNC) and CIGRE Study Committee D2 together arranged a Colloquium on Information Systems and Telecommunication in Helsinki, Finland.

The D2 Colloquium and exhibition brought together hundreds of experts from thirty countries all over the world on information systems and telecommunication for the electric power industry: business leaders, system operators, manufacturers, engineers, policy makers, regulators and academics. The conference has been a unique forum to share exciting new research, to raise issues and awareness, to discuss future directions, and to networking with leading professionals.

The colloquium has been structured in 3 tutorials and different paper sessions related to Big Data, Data Analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) for securing the electric power utilities operations; Cyber Security; new Internet of Things (IoT) applications to support electric power utilities.

On June 12th the Tutorial 3: “Cyber Security Management – a key player in the EPU resilience strategy” has been given where Giovanna Dondossola and Roberta Terruggia from Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE), Italy presented some hot topics related to the cyber security landscape for power system resilience.

Several methodologies for the cyber security analysis was presented. Among these securiCAD was highlighted as a state-of-art tool for cyber security evaluation of ICT infrastructures.

A multi-step attack scenario involving typical power system areas has been taken as a case study for the analysis: from the corporate network the attacker is able to reach the DMZ area and then compromises the assets in the OT (Operational Technology) control network.
Several setups have been considered, in order to perform the sensitivity analysis leaded by the “imperfect defences” provided by the securiCAD analysis. The effectiveness of the countermeasures has been evaluated in terms of TTC (Time to Compromise) improvement impact.

Link to CIGRE SC D2 Colloquium 2019:

Article by: Giovanna Dondossola, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE S.p.A.


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