foreseeti help to secure critical energy infrastructures with automated threat modeling and attack simulation capabilities in an integrated toolkit


The EnergyShield Consortium, including foreseeti and researchers at KTH, is developing an integrated cyber security toolkit for critical energy infrastructures. The toolkit combines the latest technologies for vulnerability assessment, monitoring, and protection, and includes securiCAD for automated threat modeling and attack simulations. The project has been awarded 7,4 million Euros from the European Commission.

The goal of the EnergyShield project is to develop an integrated cybersecurity solution for critical energy infrastructures. The project takes starting point in a number of leading tools and latest technologies within the areas of vulnerability assessment (automated threat modelling and attack simulations), monitoring & protection (anomaly detection and DDoS mitigation) and learning & sharing (security information and event management). The project will further enhance and combine these tools and technologies to a toolkit that provide a unique level of insights to the users across the energy value chain, enabling proactive, data driven actions where they create the best value.

foreseeti’s role in the project is to provide expertise and a best in class toolset for threat modeling and attack simulations; securiCAD. securiCAD conducts automated threat modeling and attack simulations, providing visibility into cyber risk exposure and uncovering critical paths to valuable assets. This enables you to take proactive action where it matters the most. securiCAD can analyze both live systems and future designs in a non-intrusive way. This can be done manually top down or automatically through data import. When the model is built, securiCAD will simulate attacks and produce a report with insights including suggested mitigations.

About EnergyShield
EnergyShield is an EC funded (GA 832907) project that captures the needs of Electrical Power and Energy System operators and combines the latest technologies for vulnerability assessment, supervision and protection to draft a defensive toolkit.

EnergyShield is an interdisciplinary consortium with 18 partners from 10 European and associated states and has been awarded 7.4 million Euros to implement an Integrated Cybersecurity Solution for the Vulnerability Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures. The EnergyShield consortium consists of two large industrial partners and is supported by six innovative SMEs and three academic research organizations. Partners will be complementing each other in terms of competences, expertise and technical capabilities, and market strategy. Seven end-users will also represent various parts of the EPES value chain (generator, TSO, DSO, consumer).

The project results will be tested in two pilot sites, one in Bulgaria and one in Italy. Bulgaria proposes a city-level online demonstrator that will study the cascading effects of cyber attacks throughout the electric grid value chain and analyze cyber security risks related to the cyber supply chain. Italy promotes a small-scale offline demonstrator focusing on DSO infrastructures that builds a dedicated, offline testing area on one of the network control sub-systems where a cyber attack will be simulated.

The EnergyShield project spans over three years and started the 1st of July 2019. The partners that are implementing the project are SIVECO Romania (Romania), PSI Software (Germany), SI-GA Data Security (Israel), Foreseeti (Sweden), L7 Defense (Luxembourg) Tech Inspire (United Kingdom), Konnekt Able Technologies Limited (Ireland), City University Of London (United Kingdom), Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Sweden), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Software Company Eood (Bulgarian), Kogen Zagore (Bulgaria), Mvets Lenishta (Bulgaria), Elektroenergien Sistemen Operator (Bulgaria), CEZ Distribution (Bulgaria), MIG 23 (Bulgaria), DIL DIEL (Bulgaria) and IREN (Italy).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No. 832907.

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