Computer Sweden writes about foreseeti and Automated Threat Modelling: “the new trend - like running Sim City on fast-forward”.


Computer Sweden, a leading IT publication, today featured foreseeti, Amazon AWS, and payments giant, Klarna in an article about the importance of Automated Threat Modelling & Attack Simulations.

How do attackers think? What does your IT system look like from the attacker’s perspective?
Where do they begin the attack - and how do they proceed? One thing you can be sure of: Your IT system, with the eyes of an attacker, is most likely not looking the way you intended. You don’t need to wait for the surprises, you can predict attacker behavior by running attack simulations. The Swedish company foreseeti has developed a product, securiCAD Vanguard, for automated threat modeling and attack simulation for systems running on Amazon Web Services, AWS. Swedish payments giant Klarna is working with automated threat modeling and Securicad Vanguard since their IT environment is largely based on AWS.

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securiCAD Vanguard is currently in a free and open Early Access phase where anyone can enter the Demo portal for testing and evaluation on a live AWS account. Here you can see an automatically generated model, run attack simulations, and find the weak spots in the architecture. You will also see the most likely attack path an attacker is expected to use.

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