The risk-based approach to cybersecurity


McKinsey reports that sophisticated organizations are adopting a risk-based approach to cybersecurity and become significantly more (e.g. 7.5 times) effective with their cyber security spend. securiCAD enables risk-based and proactive cyber security management in practice.

McKinsey & Company reports that sophisticated institutions are moving from a “maturity-based” to a “risk-based” approach for managing cyber risk. The report explores the drawbacks of the maturity-based approach, including ineffective allocation of cybersecurity spend. And describes how companies adopting a risk-based approach can effectively reduce their cyber risk at significantly less cost, providing examples of e.g. reducing risk by factor of 7.5 at no added cost. Further, the report outlines that the “Risk-based approach” is a step on the journey towards “Proactive cybersecurity” achieving holistic resilience and security by design.

The report aligns well with foreseeti views and experiences. securiCAD has been built to make risk-based and proactive cybersecurity decision making practically viable. And as a dedicated team of suits and scientists, we truly realize and emphasize the need of automation. Our customers let securiCAD do the complex analyses – the “heavy lifting” – and reap the benefits of the insights.

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Simulate attacks on traditional or industry specific environments using input ranging from whiteboard sketches to scanner data. Learn more about securiCAD Professional.


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