Software Developer

About the position:

The position is a software developer at a start-up company in the forefront aiming for world leadership. You will play a significant role in the development of securiCAD®, working across the development lifecycle, from software architecture to programming to deployment, together with skilled developers, security experts and professor level researchers. We now have a client-based software and an early version of a larger client-server based solution that we develop at high pace towards a SaaS-solution. foreseeti has job openings both in front-end, working with GUI and workflow, and back-end, working with the calculation engine and database etc. We are a growing company and as such, we work together and pitch in where needed. Going forward there will be plenty of opportunities to grow professionally both for generalists and specialists.

Credentials and knowledge:

Something that you have is the love for programming and you also have programmed quite a bit. Either at work or during studies or at home. Exactly in what form doesn’t matter that much. You might have some experience of working as a software developer in an organization or be a new graduate. You may have a PhD or not studied at university at all. We today primarily work in Java. Going forward we will have a combination of languages and if you know Java, C++ or C# or a similar language you are all set and can easily pick up the rest. Another requirement is that you have to speak English at a professional level. A general interest in IT security and mathematic modeling is a plus but not a requirement.

Who are you:

You are curious and like to build things, initiative is in your blood and when you see something that could work better your first instinct is to try to make it work better. At foreseeti we are passionate about personal drive, results and cooperation. This is what creates our inspiring working atmosphere and leads to a successful company.

What we Offer:

At foreseeti we are passionate about personal drive and result. As long as you deliver world class results we offer you a large amount of freedom. Of course we also offer competitive salary, benefits and extremely competent and fun colleagues.

For more information about this position feel free to contact us +46 73 504 75 36 or email [email protected]. To apply, send a CV and an application letter to [email protected]

Open Application

foreseeti is undergoing an expansion and we are currently seeking motivated and target driven individuals.

Of course it’s possible that the opportunity that would be suitable for you is not (yet) 0nline.
We are always looking for new talent. Interested to work for foreseeti?

Send us an open application! Please share your resume and motivation with us at [email protected].


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