Customers and partners

We are proud to work with leading companies and organizations for whom cyber security is of highest importance across industries.
Below is an overview of use cases, some sample customer cases and our certified partners.

Use Cases

securiCAD is used from the design stage to analysis of existing architecture.




Run automated and non-intrusive attack simulations continuously over time and/or integrated in your CI/CD pipes. Track your risk posture. Proactively find and mitigate weaknesses before attackers.




Analyze live systems in a non-intrusive way. Build a model of your architecture; manually and top down, or automatically through data import. Simulate attacks. Find out what security actions have the best effect in lowering your business risk.




Enable your organization to uncover weaknesses before they are introduced. Simulate attacks on planned IT architectures at design stage and before deployment. Take proactive actions based on the insights.


Customer Cases

Sample customer cases, providing insight into how our customers work with threat modelling and attack simulations using securiCAD.

Fully Automated Security Assessments of Cloud Architectures

Klarna is leveraging securiCAD for fully automated security assessments of dynamic cloud architectures. Increasing security where it really counts.

Critical Energy Production Systems

How the leading German energy provider, RWE Generation, has leveraged securiCAD® to analyze the cyber security posture of outermost critical infrastructure.

Airport Systems Cannot Fail

Swedavia uses securiCAD for proactive modeling at design stage – conducting attack simulations, identifying security risks, and enabling effective risk mitigation before new designs are implemented.

Proactively Securing Connected Vehicles

In order to provide modern services to drivers and other stakeholders todays vehicles contain an increasing amount of IT.

Our Certified Partners

We partner with leading consultancies and resellers. Below is a list of our certified partners.
Interested in what they can do for you; reach out directly!
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Forefront Consulting group

Forefront Consulting group guides companies and other organisations throughout the digital landscape. Based in the Nordics.
Website link:
Email: [email protected]

MA Consulting

We are an independent consultancy that specialises in the support and delivery of successful cyber security strategies. Through our expert industry knowledge, we offer a range of bespoke services that are vendor, product and partner agnostic. We have recently concluded successful engagements across a broad range of industry sectors and operate across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
Website link:
Email: [email protected]

securiThon GmbH

securiThon, a German partner of foreseeti, was founded in 2018 with the only goal to provide German, Austrian and Swiss companies with the automated threat modeling and attack simulation software securiCAD® and associated services.
Website link:
Email: [email protected]

West Code Solutions

West Code Solutions are based in the Nordics and provides unique expertise and highly secure IT network solutions for critical information. Our commitment covers the complete process including design, implementation, monitoring and managing the secure IT network to fulfil the security requirements continuously. Our solutions and services are primarily used by Swedish authorities to protect their most valuable information assets.
Website link:
Email: [email protected]

North America

Red Clay Consulting

Red Clay is an Atlanta-based leading consultancy for the utility industry, delivering technical and business solutions for over eighteen years along with the industry-leading SecureGrid security solution.
Website link:
Email: [email protected]


Brisk Logo New

Brisk Infosec

Briskinfosec is a global information security organisation focused on developing innovative security & compliance solutions and offering high-performance security centric services & solutions to protect our customers' information assets.
Website link:


Quadrant360 is an independent privately-owned company, with headquarter in Singapore and focusing solely on cyber security, risk and compliance audit as well as managed services.
Website link:
Email: [email protected]

Middle East


ProVise is an independent, product agnostic, research driven cyber resilience posture transformation specialist for the Telecom, Banking & Financial Services & Energy sector. It has been working with organizations around the world to make them safe; helping manage their digital risks by providing industry insights, pragmatic consultancy and intelligent platforms.
Website link:


Secure your Applications

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Automate Cyber Security in Cloud and DevOps Environments

We warmly welcome You to this webinar where our experts present leading security trends in using open-source software, hacker-powered knowledge, and attack simulations – automated in your pipelines!

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