DiDigital on the scale-up funding round, highlighting our engaged customers and cloud offerings

DiDigital – the tech part of Nordic’s leading business newspaper Dagens Industri – writes about the foreseeti funding round in a well written article, highlighting our engaged customers and SaaS offerings.
DiDigital closely monitors the Nordic tech scene and has a thorough understanding of the cyber security market. They named top 10 most interesting security companies in Sweden to watch.
Their recent article about the foreseeti funding round is very well written and provides a good introduction to foreseeti.
It provides insights into the funding round and the lead investor Fairpoint Capital. Fairpoint Capital focuses on investing in unique technologies that lead the next wave of Nordic High-Tech breakthroughs. And the funding will enable foreseeti to scale up its business.

One of the aspects that is particularly highlighted is the engaged customers. “Customers often talk about a feeling of before and after, where they find it difficult to see how they could go back to how they previously worked.” – Filip Peterson, Fairpoint Capital Investment Director.

Further, the article highlights foreseeti’s offerings for cloud architectures. Specifically, foreseeti’s offering for AWS which is an easy to use SaaS offering – simplifying customers to get started and get instant value.

The full article is provided here: https://digital.di.se/artikel/de-forebygger-hackerattacker-mot-foretag-sebs-riskkapitalbolag-investerar


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