securiCAD Vanguard for AWS

securiCAD Vanguard is currently in a free and open Early Access phase and anyone can sign up and run the pre-configured demo scenarios.

  • Cloud native attack simulation & automated threat modeling SaaS service
  • Simulate attacks on a virtual twin of your AWS environment automatically

securiCAD Vanguard for AWS environments finds, prioritize and mitigate weak links before attackers exploit them.

securiCAD Professional

securiCAD Professional is a free of charge threat modeling, simulation and reporting solution intended for both existing and proposed architectures.

  • It allows for creating models containing up to 1000 objects.
  • Simulating models containing up to 100 objects is free of charge.

Simulating models containing between 100 and 1000 objects requires simulation credits which can be bought in the webshop link .