Presentations from the foreseeti and EnergyShield Webinar

On the 9th of July 2020, foreseeti and the EU Innovation Project EnergyShield held a very appreciated webinar about The Future of Cyber Security in Electrical Power and Energy Systems. Here are the presentations and videos from the webinar session.

Future of Cyber Security in the Energy Sector
The EnergyShield vision is to develop the cyber-toolkit that protects your energy grid. It captures the needs of Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES) operators and combines the latest technologies for vulnerability assessment, supervision and protection to draft a defensive toolkit.
• The vision and value of an integrated tool kit
• Involving hackers in the solution
• Highlights of latest research within cyber security for Energy Systems
Speaker: Dr. Robert Lagerström, Associate Professor in Software Systems Architecture & Security, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Automated Threat Modeling and Attack Simulations in Energy Sector
Cyber risk and vulnerability analyses are at the very heart of cyber security management. Conducting these analyses holistically with a meaningful level of detail is a task that is too complex for our human brains. This session will showcase:
• Threat modeling and attack simulations for energy systems
• Automating the work
• Hands on example
Speaker: Erik Ringdahl, Product Director, foreseeti

Tailoring Attack Simulations to Specific Electrical Power and Energy Systems
Energy operators both have IT and OT systems, with both generic and specific components. The EnergyShield project develops a modeling language that enables power domain security experts to model their specific environment in depth. In this session and demonstration we will provide:
• An introduction to the EPES specific analysis capabilities
• Illustration of office IT, the OT-part inspired by MITRE ATT&CK’s ICS matrix, and a substation based on the SCL definition.
• To show the languages capabilities, we will refer to models representing known attacks on the energy domain.
Speaker: Dr. Simon Hacks, Postdoc in Software Systems Architecture and Security, Computer Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Panel Discussion: Cyber Risk Assessments for Critical Energy Infrastructures
Conducting solid and actionable cyber risk assessments is in the backbone of effective cyber security mgmt. However, conducting solid risk assessments requires sophisticated analyses at scale, and organizations have limited time and resources. In this panel discussion, industry experts will provide their perspectives, and discuss and answer your questions on:
• What are key challenges today and suitable targets in the short and long run?
• How can EPES and other critical infrastructure organizations get from current to target in an efficient way?
• What key success enablers and good examples can be identified?

• Joakim Nydrén, CCO, foreseeti
Panelists include:
• Chris Few, Head of Cyber R&D, Office of Gas & Electricity Markets UK Ofgem
• Johan Söderbom, Thematic Leader Smartgrids & Energy Storage, EIT InnoEnergy
• Kimon Nicolaides, Group Head of Digital Services, MASS
• Thomas Olsen, Managing Director, Lagoni Engineering
• Dr.-Ing. Matthias Rohr, Business Development Manager and Consultant, PSI Software AG

As well as the presenters from earlier sessions:
• Dr. Robert Lagerström, Associate Professor in Software Systems Architecture & Security, KTH
• Dr. Simon Hacks, Postdoc in Software Systems Architecture and Security, Computer Science, KTH
• Erik Ringdahl, Product Director, foreseeti


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January 28th 17:00-18:30 CET


Automate Cyber Security in Cloud and DevOps Environments

We warmly welcome You to this webinar where our experts present leading security trends in using open-source software, hacker-powered knowledge, and attack simulations – automated in your pipelines!

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