Managing Cyber Security In Today's Highly Dynamic Enviroments

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Managing security in one of the world’s largest & fastest growing fintechs ​

Speaker: Mark Strande – Chief Security and Information Security Officer, Klarna​

Klarna is a leading global disruptor of payments and banking, and provider of smoooth retail services. Klarna works with a high degree of automation, DevOps way of working, and dynamic, modern IT infrastructures. In this session Klarna’s CSO and CISO Mark Strande will provide insights on how Klarna manage cyber security, some key common challenges in dynamic DevOps environments, and how automated threat modeling and attack simulations fit into the picture as a central building block.

Serverless – ignorance is bliss ​

Speaker: Fredrik Lindström – Forefront Consulting Group

After more than a decade as a developer in the infrastructure outsourcing industry the emotional scars are plentiful. In this therapy session we will leave behind everything we fear and loathe about servers, clusters and scaling and focus on what matters: you having less problems. The problems didn’t of course magically vanish, they’re simply someone else’s. We may also discover that there are entirely new ones to contend with.

Automated Threat Modeling and Attack Simulations in Dynamic Serverless Environment​

Speaker: Erik Ringdahl – Product Director – foreseeti

 Automated Threat Modeling and Attack Simulations empower IT decision makers with insight to the cyber risk exposure and resilience of their IT architectures, uncovering critical paths to high value assets so that proactive actions can be taken where they really matter. In this session, foreseeti’s Product Director Erik Ringdahl will showcase how this works in practice, with a specific focus on showcasing the capabilities for serverless environments.

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Secure your Applications

January 28th 17:00-18:30 CET


Automate Cyber Security in Cloud and DevOps Environments

We warmly welcome You to this webinar where our experts present leading security trends in using open-source software, hacker-powered knowledge, and attack simulations – automated in your pipelines!

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