securiCAD Product Overview

Comparison chart over the different securiCAD products.


securiCAD Vanguard

securiCAD Professional

securiCAD Enterprise
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Automated AWS Specific Analysis
Yes, separate module
Traditional/Custom Environment Analysis
Creating Models using automated import
Importing Scanner Data
Creating Models Manually
Using and Creating Components
Editing Models
Merging securiCAD Models
Attack Simulations
Attack Path Visualization
Chokepoint Visualization
Threat Summary / Suggested Mitigations
Comparing Mitigations
Comparing Scenarios
API for Model Creation
SDK for Automatic Simulations
SDK for Exporting Results
Report in Word Format

All securiCAD products run attack simulations using resources provided by foreseeti, hosted by AWS.
For local/on-prem simulations and installation options, please get in touch with foreseeti sales.

General product support is included, customer use case support is offered upon request.

Please feel free to contact us for a personal Demo session where we will present the different securiCAD solutions and features in more detail or visit the foreseeti shop for more pricing information.

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Free trial
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