Thanks for being interested in a quote, here is some basic information:


When using the securiCAD solutions, there are three main areas or types of analysis that you can perform. We would like to know a little bit of your use case, basically what you are mainly interested in for starters.

  • In the "design case", you use securiCAD to evaluate solutions and IT structures/environments before they are implemented. I.e. before new architectures or changes to existing environments are implemented.
  • In the "continuous case", you use securiCAD to analyze the status of an existing environment. It is a semi-automatic approach using both high level manual modeling and importing data from for instance network and vulnerability scanners.
  • In the "Vanguard" case, you use securiCAD vanguard to do a fully automated threat modeling and attack simulation analysis on an existing AWS environment.
  • There are of course other possible use cases as well. Please describe yours in the message field.

Please fill out the request form or send us an email ( ) so we can prepare a quote suitable to your organization. A foreseeti representative will follow up to schedule a call at your convenience.