Case Study RWE - Critical Infrastructure


How the leading German energy provider, RWE Generation, has leveraged securiCAD® to analyze the cyber security posture of outermost critical infrastructure.

RWE Generation is a German energy provider, a company hosting critical infrastructure, providing millions of households with electricity. Incidents or even failures could exclude whole regions from the main power supply if they were to occur. To guarantee an uninterruptible power supply, RWE needs a stable IT infrastructure that can work uninterrupted and be very resilient to cyber-attacks.

The infrastructure in scope is outermost critical, with high security requirements. Finding all conceivable attack paths is thus key, as well as mitigating risks with the most effective measures. securiCAD conducted automated threat modeling and attack simulations to the infrastructure in scope, providing insights into all conceivable attack paths, and provided/confirmed appropriate actions. The findings allowed RWE to take the next steps.



securiCAD® performed extremely well. I am particularly impressed by the speed in which securiCAD® simulate all the possible attack scenarios, in addition to the way the results are visualized.
- CISO of RWE Generation



About RWE Generation
Within the RWE Group, RWE Generation SE, based in Essen, Germany, generates power from gas, hard coal, hydroelectric, and biomass. Under one umbrella, this company brings together the expertise of employees in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Turkey. Together, we operate power plants with a total capacity of around 25 gigawatts. With their secure and flexible output, the plants contribute towards ensuring secure and reliable supply in the European power grid as the share of naturally volatile renewable energy increases.

With our gas, hard-coal, hydroelectric and biomass power plants, we work towards ensuring that power is generated in an even more environmentally friendly manner in the future, and that affordable electricity is reliably supplied to sockets everywhere. The company is proud to work on this task that is so crucial for the future.

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