securiCAD Enterprise

securiCAD Enterprise features cyber risk simulation, collaboration, and reporting features. securiCAD Enterprise can be deployed on-premise, air-gapped, or in cloud environment with access- and permission controls for sensitive information.

Use securiCAD Enterprise for continuous risk assessment of your IT-architecture while planning, sharing and assessing models of future architectural designs. Assess security mitigations automatically suggested by securiCAD and generate reports of results. securiCAD Enterprise also features the possibility of parsing data from e.g. common inventory and scanning tools for automatic modeling.


securiCAD Enterprise offers the absolute state-of-the-art enterprise level threat modeling with automatic model generation, automated risk assessments and suggested mitigations.  securiCAD Enteprise can provide near real-time attack simulations of existing environments by feeding it data via the API from e.g. vulnerability scanners and cloud configuration data.


Explore the risks of simulated attacks before they happen and evaluate new designs before deployment


Generate models of your architecture automatically and run fully automated attack simulations on the models


Get a holistic risk assessment of your architecture and explore what combination of vulnerabilities an attacker might exploit to reach high value assets


Attack simulations are conducted on models of your architecture and will never affect your actual environment


Harness the full power of securiCAD and make the most out of your existing data with securiCAD Enterprise. Below is a selection of available features, request a demo to explore the full potential of securiCAD Enterprise

Risk Assessment
Get your current risk exposure based on quantitative and automated attack simulations

Structural Vulnerabilities
Find the structural weaknesses (e.g., the combination of a technical vulnerability and a failing process) in your architecture.

Model Generation
Leverage your existing data to automatically generate parts, or a complete model of your architecture with our built-in Connectors

Report Generation
Generate and export reports based on results from one or several attack simulations

Find chokepoints (or key assets) in your architecture that the attacker exploits to reach all your high value assets

Suggested Mitigations
Get automatically generated mitigation suggestions based on the attack simulations to lower your risk exposure

On-premise or Air-gapped
Use existing hardware on-premise to run our securiCAD Enterprise VM. Operation does not require external access

Use the API to export results and create custom reports or integrate securiCAD your with existing tool chain for continuous, automated simulations of existing environments