securiCAD Professional

securiCAD Professional, Cyber Risk Simulation

securiCAD Professional enables IT architects to design virtual models of current and future IT environments. By running attack simulations on a virtual model, securiCAD will provide detailed insights about your security posture. This allows for prioritizing security mitigations as well as comparing different design alternatives. securiCAD will look at your IT assets from an intruder’s perspective and will reveal the most likely attack paths in your IT environment. Request a quote

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Key Benefits

securiCAD Professional will allow you to do threat and attack analysis in a structured and repeatable way. It will provide security insights already in the design phase. Request a Demo

Proactive Modeling

Explore the risks of simulated attacks before they happen and evaluate new designs before deployment


Risk assessments and attack simulations are virtual and on models of architectures

Air-gapped version available

securiCAD Professional can be run completely Air-gapped, contact us for more information.

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securiCAD Professional requires no installation and can be run on any modern laptop or workstation. Please read the introduction guides to get started.

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securiCAD Professional is available as a Pay per use solution, for more information go to foreseeti shop.

Free trial

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securiCAD Professional is a desktop application that can conduct automated, full-scale attack simulations on models of IT architectures. Below is a selection of available features. Download product description

Security by design
Be proactive; simulate attacks to your planned architecture designs or changes and manage risks before deployment.

Structural vulnerabilities
Reveal your structural vulnerabilities in your IT architecture.

Modeling tool
Design high-level models of your existing or planned architectures, merge models and dive into the details if necessary.

Sharable components
Create tailor-made components representing specific assets in your IT environment.

Attack simulations
Run non-biased, non-intrusive and automated attack simulations on a model of your architecture.

Critical paths
Find the most likely attack path as seen from an attacker’s perspective.

Spot weaknesses
Find potential weaknesses and relevant improvements to your architecture based on the attack simulations.

Attack simulations are run on a model of your architecture and will not interfere with your actual IT environment.