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securiCAD is a foreseeti product, developed to perform virtual attack simulations on models of IT architectures. Based on decades of research at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), securiCAD enables companies to transform their risk assessments from isolated technical problems to a holistic approach for measuring the risk exposure of their IT infrastructures.

Create Model

Create models of planned changes, new designs or generate models based on existing data. Model what you know and let securiCAD fill in the blanks

Simulate Attacks

Run fully automated, repeatable and objective attack simulations to explore the impact of potential attacks without affecting the availability of your systems

Manage Risk Exposure

Get reports with most likely attack paths, exploited weaknesses, suggested mitigations and risk exposure to evaluate current or planned architectures to be proactive and data-driven in your decision making



Bring visibility to the cyber risk exposure of IT systems

securiCAD uses objectively collected data and probability scores to deliver comprehensive visibility into your IT architecture’s composition and risk exposure

Uncover critical paths to your valuable assets

securiCAD provides unique insight into the risk exposure of high value assets by automatically generating critical paths from an Attacker’s entry point to your high value assets


Take proactive actions where it really matters

securiCAD generates actionable insights and will automatically suggest mitigations based on virtual attack simulations to lower the risk exposure of high value assets

Industry Examples

Civil and Military Aviation

securiCAD is used to asses and evaluate new integrations with critical airport systems as well as mission planning and ensure system resilience in forward operating bases

Power Generation and Distribution

securiCAD provides value to customers throughout the power industry, all the way from nuclear power plants and energy management systems to smart meters in households.


Financial Sector

securiCAD is used to provide insight into complex cloud-based financial systems as well as the integration between legacy mainframes and modern hybrid environments

securiCAD Product Overview

securiCAD Vanguard

securiCAD Vanguard is fully automated and non-disruptive. The attack simulations are conducted on virtual models that are automatically generated and will not interact with the actual environment in any way. securiCAD Vanguard leverages the vast amount of data available in AWS to automate threat modeling of cloud environments and bring unprecedented insight with cutting edge attack simulations. Learn more


securiCAD Professional

securiCAD Professional enables IT architects to design virtual models of current and future IT environments. By running attack simulations on a virtual model, securiCAD will provide detailed insights about your security posture. This allows for prioritizing security mitigations as well as comparing different design alternatives. securiCAD will look at your IT assets from an intruder’s perspective and will reveal the most likely attack paths in your IT environment. Request a personalized demo or explore the full feature set of securiCAD Professional here.

securiCAD Enterprise

securiCAD Enterprise features cyber risk simulation, collaboration, and reporting features. securiCAD Enterprise can be deployed on-premise, air-gapped, or in cloud environment with access- and permission controls for sensitive information.

Use securiCAD Enterprise for continuous risk assessment of your IT-architecture while planning, sharing and assessing models of future architectural designs. Assess security mitigations automatically suggested by securiCAD and generate reports of results. securiCAD Enterprise also features the possibility of parsing data from e.g. common inventory and scanning tools for automatic modeling. Request a personalized demo or explore the full feature set of securiCAD Enteprise here.


We offer a range of services – ourselves and through our partners – to provide customized speed to value to our customers.
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Proof of Value Project

Conduct a securiCAD assessment on a selected part of your system architecture. Address a hands on business challenge of yours and get instant value

Managed Services

Get expert help on a continuous basis, when you do not have the time or skills. Our certified partners are skilled and ready to support you

Training and Certification

Get quickly up to speed. Further enhance your securiCAD skills. Get certification to deliver consultancy services based on securiCAD