Case Study Swedavia - Airport systems cannot fail


Anyone can imagine the consequences if critical airport systems are compromised and disrupted. Because of this, airport security staff are used to working with risk management on all levels, and are constantly looking for ways to improve, just like they do in flight safety.

As with any other organization that strives to constantly improve, Swedavia frequently releases new system integrations and upgrades. Getting security right is always a challenge. Using securiCAD from foreseeti, Swedavia has been able to tackle many of the challenges involved in securing cyber systems and components before launch effectively.

Swedavia used securiCAD to conduct attack simulations and identify security risks in order to enable effective risk mitigation before new designs are implemented in their current IT architecture.


“You never build a bridge or an airplane without having modeled it in a CAD-environment 
to test its strengths and weaknesses beforehand.” —Security Architect


The result is that using securiCAD is now a requirement for any new IT project that affects critical airport systems. securiCAD is most often used as a benchmark for assessing architectural changes and their expected effect on the overall risk exposure, but it can also be utilized as an “objective expert” to facilitate communication between contractors, vendors, architects, technicians, project managers and decision makers.

As the simulations are run, the original models are stored and reused as new systems are added.


“Testing designs before we put them in place increases our security,
but also allows us to spend our budget on the right measures.” —Security Architect


About Swedavia
Swedavia owns, operates and develops a network of Swedish airports. Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Göteborg Landvetter Airport have the most passengers. Swedavia owns the ten airports but Ronneby Airport and Luleå Airport are partly owned by the Swedish Air Forces, but Swedavia is responsible for commercial air traffic.

The company was formed in 2010 and is wholly owned by the Swedish State. During 2018, 42.0 million passengers flew to and from Swedavia's airports.

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