New securiCAD Vanguard functionality: Use the Vanguard SDK for continuous attack simulations and automated threat modeling for your AWS environment

With a few lines of Python code and standard AWS libraries, you are now able to continuously simulate attacks on a virtual model of your AWS environment. This is an easy way to find security flaws, weak spots and misconfigurations in your AWS environment. You and your team can prioritize mitigation, actions and use your time and budget more efficiently.
The securiCAD Vanguard Python SDK provides a simple client to help you communicate with securiCAD APIs. foreseeti’s goal with the SDK is to make it easier to run continuous attack simulations on your AWS environment as well as to provide a simple point of integration with other tools and CI/CD pipelines.

SDK functionality overview – 4 primary features:

  • Authenticate with securiCAD Vanguard
  • Generate a model from your AWS data
  • Configure the simulation
  • Run the simulation and retrieve the results
    The securiCAD Vanguard SDK enables this functionality through 4 simple functions easily accessible through the Python library.

    With securiCAD Vanguard and AWS, you can automate the model generation, threat modeling and attack simulation process. By providing this functionality programmatically through the SDK, we can deliver operational risk assessments to our customers and their CI/CD pipelines
    – Erik Ringdahl, Product director at foreseeti.

The securiCAD Vanguard SDK is frequently expanded and available on GitHub. New and exciting features will be introduced shortly and you can look forward to the following features. Visualizing results generated by the SDK directly in your browser and support for vulnerability scanner data and other third-party data sources. We will also add some new high value asset types and a more granular risk metrics.

A brief instruction is now available that cover the requirements, installation and basic functionality of the SDK to get you started with continuous attack simulations on your AWS environment in no time. Please note that securiCAD Vanguard does not store any data about your AWS environment or access keys and will never store any results or models.

Here is a short list of requirements to get you started:

You will need a securiCAD Vanguard account
The appropriate permissions in your AWS account
Python 3 and pip installed
That’s it, no other installations or configuration needed.

Here is a link to the complete getting started guide on our securiCAD community website >>


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