securiCAD Vanguard

SaaS for automated cloud analysis. For DevOps teams and organizations with infrastructure on AWS cloud.

Attack Simulation Based Security Analysis for AWS

securiCAD Vanguard is a SaaS for attack-simulation based security analysis for AWS. It is fully automated end-to-end. Generating a digital twin of your environment. Simulating thousands of attacks. And generating an interactive report with key insights on your environment, risk levels, how attackers can reach your high value assets, and what actions you can take to mitigate key risks.

In short; securiCAD Vanguard allows developers, DevOps teams and cloud security architects to get unprecedented insights of the cyber security characteristics of their AWS environment. All fully automated.

Prevent breaches by analyzing your AWS configuration, allowing you to detect misconfigurations, potential lateral movements and to prioritize vulnerabilities

Generate and visualize a digitaltwin of your AWS environment and run attack simulations, to get reports with the most likely attack paths, weak spots and risk exposure

Secure and on-demand analysis of AWS configurations including IAM, VPC, EC2, S3, Inspector and more.

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Fully automated model generation and visualization of AWS environments with automated attack simulations.


Attack simulations are conducted on virtual models of collected data and will not interact with the actual environment.


No installation or privileged access needed. Required data is collected through read access to standard AWS APIs.​​

No data is saved​

No sensitive data or modules are saved, read our data policy here.

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January 28th 17:00-18:30 CET


Automate Cyber Security in Cloud and DevOps Environments

We warmly welcome You to this webinar where our experts present leading security trends in using open-source software, hacker-powered knowledge, and attack simulations – automated in your pipelines!

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