Automate Cyber Security in Cloud and DevOps Environments

Our experts presents leading security trends in using open-source software, hacker-powered knowledge, and attack simulations - automated in your pipelines!

Continuously Hack Yourself

In a modern landscape, development and consequently security bugs move a lot faster, and you need to continuously protect web apps. A firewall isn’t enough and won’t stop attacks like SSRF and exploiting misconfigurations. It also means you need to always have a pulse on security information and keeping your defense toolbox up-to-date… our suggestion is taking help from hackers!

Cut Through Complexity with Automated Attack Simulations

Is my environment secure enough? What are the key risks – how can an attacker reach my high value assets? And what can I do to mitigate those risks? Join this session to find out how you can leverage predictive attack simulations to cut through complexity, gain key insights, and take proactive actions where it really matters. Before attackers. Integrated in your CI/CD Pipleines.

Use Open Source Securely

Handling third party vulnerabilities manually is difficult, tedious and really, really boring. Most applications have hundreds, sometimes thousands of dependencies to keep track of – a nearly impossible task. An automated tool in combination with best practices allows you to have transparency of your code base, better security and a lot of time over for other things – like coding.

About the event

Let’s face it: The dynamic capabilities in today’s interconnected and cloud-based infrastructures create great advantages, but the complexity of managing cyber security is huge. And with DevOps ways of working, Developers and DevOps teams becomes more and more responsible for cyber security.
– Is my environment secure enough? If not; what do I need to address? 
– Have we done any misconfigurations that have opened up for attackers to reach my high value assets? 
– How can I manage third party vulnerabilities in a world of hundreds or thousands of dependencies?
– How can I ensure that my web apps are continuously at par with the hackers’ skills?  

In this event, you will learn how you can continuously answer the key questions above. How you can take a sip of coffee and think about the next thing to develop, while automated tools conduct the advanced analyses for you!


Erik Ringdahl
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foreseeti-white (1)
Tom Hudson, Detectify
Security Research Team Lead
Linus Karlsson, Debricked
Computer Security PhD

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